The LIFE ENPLC Project

European Networks for Private Land Conservation 

Project Partners


European Networks for Private Land Conservation (ENPLC) is a four-year project funded by the European Commission’s environment and climate action funding instrument LIFE. The project intends to expand the use of private land conservation tools in the European Union, to improve the financial incentives and funding for private land conservation, to foster citizen engagement in private land conservation and to continue the existing networking among organisations and individuals engaged in private land conservation with the aim to establish a durable governance structures for private land conservation in Europe. The ENPLC project brings together 18 organizations from 11 European countries- Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the Netherlands.

Our Work Packages

Funding / Incentives

We need financial incentives for landowners and funding sources for conservationist to advance the concept of private land protection. This topic is being looked at by our Conservation Finance Working Group.


Education plays a key role in assuring high standards for nature conservation on private. Which is why we are working on a standards and practices for PLC guide, a conservation landowners’ manual and trainings and workshops on relevant topics.


We are working on setting up a private land conservation ambassador network to spread awareness on private land protection, helping to create recognition and the necessary support.

Civic Engagement

Citizen Science and Volunteering is a powerful tool to educate and involve the public in private land conservation and to expand the capacity for conservation work on private land. We therefore strive toe ngaging the public in PLC, to upscale volunteering initiatives and citizen science and to creating a platform for volunteering.

Conservation Tools

Conservation tools for private land conservation are not yet as effective, available and established as we need them to be. Which is why we are for instance comparing voluntary conservation management agreements and their transferability, test the use of conservation agreements and assess the use of voluntary labels.

Predecessor LIFE projects

The project is unique as, for the first time in Europe, it brings together two existing networks representing private landowners (ELO) and conservationists (Eurosite) as well as many of their respective member organisations. These two communities have previously investigated the potential of private land conservation in the EU in parallel, but separate projects – LIFE L.I.F.E. and LIFE ELCN. As one of the first steps in the new project, Eurosite and ELO created a “Conservation Landowners Coalition”, representing a permanent platform for the exchange of ideas and development of joint initiatives of these two stakeholder groups.