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Private landowners and nature conservationists are traditionally not working hand in hand well. But this must change. The climate and biodiversity crisis can only be mitigated sustainably in cooperation with the expertise and work of land conservation practitioners focusing on the most promising private landowner conservation tools (PLC tools). As a vital part of the ENPLC project, the Conservation Landowners Coalition (CLC), a union between landowners and conservationists, was founded in 2021. The project is funded by the European Commission’s environment and climate action funding instrument LIFE.

Climate warming and the increasing loss of biodiversity constitute an existential threat to private land. The core objective of this project is to develop an EU-wide network of private land conservation practitioners leveraging innovative private land conservation tools to mitigate the damage and preserve the land’s value for the next generations. To establish that sustainably the Conservation Landowners Coalition (CLC) a union between landowners and conservationists, was founded.
Among others, the development of best practise of land conservation work of volunteers and citizen scientists on voluntary private land is another important activity of the ENPLC project. PLC Ambassadors who showcase concrete actions, issues, and solutions will be nominated for communication purposes. Their example will be communicated to fellow private landowners and relevant administrations to develop private land conservation initiatives within their jurisdiction.

Our Work

Funding / Incentives

We need financial incentives for landowners and funding sources for conservationist to advance the concept of private land protection.


Education and good resources play a key role in assuring high standards for nature conservation on private land.


We spread awareness on private land protection, helping to create recognition and the necessary support.

Civic Engagement

Citizen Science and Volunteering is a powerful tool to educate and involve the public in PLC and to expand the conservation capacity.

Conservation Tools

Conservation tools for private land conservation are not yet as effective, available and established as we need them to be.