European Networks for Private Land Conservation

We are a network of landowners and conservationists protecting and restoring private land for nature and the climate in Europe

About Us

We are a project funded by the European Commissions LIFE programme that will continue until 2024. The project is a follow up of the LIFE projects ELCN and L.I.F.E.

Our Partners

We are working on this project with 18 project partners from 11 European Countries

Private Land Conservation Superhero!

Meet our Ambassadors in 2022

At ENPLC, we believe individual action can have a domino effect. Inspirational people try to preserve land for future generations. They work hard to withstand climate change’s challenges and bring back lost biodiversity. They deserve more recognition! In their conservation work, they are looking for solutions such as composting, crop rotation, permaculture, wildlife corridors, native species planting, protected area establishment and much more. We ask, what did they learn about private land conservation? What have they accomplished? What has still to be done?

Our latest ambassador:

Ando Eelmaa, Estiona

Meet all of our ambassadors across Europe

Our Work

We are working on relevant topics to advance private land conservation in Europe


We advocate for better financial incentives for landowners and conservationists to apply private land conservation tools.


We provide access to state-of-the-art resources, ensuring high ambition standards for nature conservation on private land.


We raise awareness of private land conservation and help landowners to receive recognition and public support for their conservation efforts.


We facilitate citizen Science and volunteering as powerful tools to educate and involve the public in the conservation on private land.


We test, improve, and harmonise private land conservation tools across various settings in Europe.