We bring together European networks for private land conservation in the Conservation Landowners Coalition, a partnership of landowners and conservationists, working together to protect and restore private land for nature and the climate in Europe.


Private Land Conservation Superhero! Meet our Ambassadors in 2022

At ENPLC, we believe individual action can have a domino effect.

Inspirational people try to preserve land for future generations. They work hard to withstand climate change’s challenges and bring back lost biodiversity. They deserve more recognition!

In their conservation work, they are looking for solutions such as composting, crop rotation, permaculture, wildlife corridors, native species planting, protected area establishment and much more.

We ask, what did they learn about private land conservation? What have they accomplished? What has still to be done?

Are you a passionate landowner, land manager, or forester responsible for private land? Are you willing to share your story and inspire others?

While on a quest to find purpose and identity for ourselves, we decided to become farmers and work the land.

The key to continue this land conservation process is to involve the younger generations in specific activities, and that is the reason why we set up protocols with the local schools in our area. The children are able to come and visit the farm, learn more about our activities and the principles of organic farming and its practices, the importance of their food choices and the role they hold as consumers in shaping and sustaining one type of agriculture or the other.

Daniel Cismas



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