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The ENPLC project aims to conserve and restore privately owned and managed land in Europe for nature and the climate through the equal involvement of private landowners and nature conservation organizations

A vital part of our project is to strengthen trust and cooperation between all stakeholders. To this end, Eurosite and ELO have established the Conservation Landowners Coalition (CLC) as a European partnership of landowners and conservationists.

We intend to build a community of European land conservation practitioners who work together on testing and upscaling the most promising tools for private land conservation, advocating for better financial incentives, engaging citizens, and raising public awareness.


We advocate for better financial incentives for landowners and conservationist to apply private land conservation tools.


We provide access to state-of-the-art resources, ensuring high ambition standards for nature conservation on private land.


We raise awareness on private land conservation and help landowners to receive recognition and public support for their conservation efforts.


We facilitate citizen Science and volunteering as powerful tools to educate and involve the public in conservation on private land.


We test, improve, and harmonise private land conservation tools across a variety of settings in Europe.
Climate breakdown and the loss of biodiversity constitute existential threats to land in private ownership. To preserve the land’s health and value for the next generations, we strive tsupport private landowners in finding the right tools, incentives, information, and contacts for the long-term conservation and restoration of nature on their properties.

The project is supported by the EU’s environmental funding programme LIFE.

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