Artis Umbria, a beautiful private area in the Umbrian hills

Immersed in the lush Umbrian woods at the foot of Mont’Arale in the municipality of Montegabbione, Tenuta di Poggiolame is home to Artis Umbria. Surrounded by 88 hectares of oak forests at an altitude of 600 meters, there are unique environments with pastures, ponds, and streams, where it is easy to come across traces of wolves, wild boars, and foxes. Many species of migratory birds, such as hoopoes, are also present in this area, which is rich in pollinators, amphibians, and reptiles.
The owners, Kerstin and Andreas, have enhanced the area’s rich history by investing in the restoration of the original house dating back over 400 years. Their desire was to create a place where people can harmonize with the nature that surrounds them. That is why Artis Umbria offers relaxing stays and unique activities focused on psycho-physical well-being. Committed to sustainability, care, and promotion of the territory, they offer their guests local typical products thanks to careful management of their vegetable garden, olive groves, walnut orchards, and organic cherry orchards.
This visit once again confirmed to us that the managers of private natural areas play a functional role in promoting ideas of responsible tourism and the management of privately-owned natural heritage, actions that are consistent with the territorial identity and that enhance the natural, landscape, and cultural heritage.


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