Private Land Conservation Ambassador

Bianca Stefancu and Roberto Generali

Our 2 ambassadors Bianca Stefancu and her husband Roberto Generali offer hospitality in this old farmhouse that they themselves restored.

LIFE ENPLC visiting the Italian ambassadors Roberto and Bianca at Villa Naumanni. Photo credit: Andrea Benedetti

Watch Roberto’s interview and learn more about their conservation project.

A farmhouse dedicated to Lesser Kestrel nests

The name Villa Naumanni comes from the Lesser Kestrel (scientific term Falco naumanni), a species in danger of extinction that nests in in the walls of the farmhouse.

The site hosts the only colony of Lesser Kestrels in the Lazio region in Italy. The colony grew from one nesting couple in 2011, to 19 nesting couples in 2018. Villa Naumanni is an ideal place for nature lovers, birdwatchers and wildlife photographers.

A Lesser Krestel feeding its youngsters at Bianca’s and Roberto’s home. Photo credit: Andrea Benedetti

The farmhouse has been restructured in a way to preserve the existing nests and to create new ones; these new nests are built in such way to allow ornithologists to monitor the nesting process.

A Lesser Krestel paradise: Villa Naumanni. Photo credit: Andrea Benedetti

An ecological transformation of an abandoned Italian villa

Bianca and Roberto transformed this traditional Italian villa into a sustainable structure because of their deep love for nature and their awareness on the impact that the tourism industry has on the environment.

The main building, a nineteenth century stone farmhouse which was abandoned for the past 40 years, has been restored using recycled and local materials, energy saving, and sustainable technologies.

Villa Naumanni is equipped with a water purification system to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

We opened the B&B unknowingly we could have a clientele of birdwatching lovers and naturalist photographers from all over the world. Many of our guests come to look at the Etruscans site and all the territories that surround us that are beautiful, not knowing anything about the nature and the world of the hawks. So, we began to give them a first taste of this world, explaining the life that hawks have, and many became passionate about it

Villa Naumanni is home to Bianca, Roberto and 19 Lesser Krestel nesting couples. Photo credit: Andrea Benedetti

Villa Naumanni is an oasis of tranquillity immersed in the countryside, a few kilometres from Tarquinia and the coast. Bianca and Roberto are the perfect host -, welcoming, kind and helpful. The silence is impressive, especially at night


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