Cross-boundary donations for private land conservation in the EU

To this day nature conservation is chronically underfunded. While the accessibility to nature conservation and restoration funds and tax incentives is a precondition for successfully tackling climate breakdown and biodiversity loss, the current complexity beyond country borders creates a disincentivising environment for donors who want to support land-based nature conservation in the EU.

Within most EU member states, charitable donations for nature conservation are eligible to tax benefits. However, the same benefits are difficult to obtain for citizens and organisations from abroad, even if they reside in the EU. Although cross-border donations for nature restoration would benefit society as a whole and contribute to a unified Europe, there is currently no “internal market” for charitable giving in the EU.

Simplifying and harmonising the tax systems of EU member states with regard to charitable giving would hence help to combat the twin crises of our times: global climate warming and biodiversity loss. We need private money to resolve these two issues and transparent and equitable tax deductions across the EU to incentivise the private sector.

Promoting cross-border associations and non-profit organisations in the EU

Meenakshi Fernandes – EP Directorate-General for Parliamentary Research Services

Facilitating charitable cross-border donations under current conditions in Europe

Anne-Laure Paquot – Transnational Giving Europe

Tax issues of cross-border nature conservation in North America (US/Canada)

Phil Tabas – The Nature Conservancy

Transnational donations for nature conservation in Transylvania, Romania

Nat Page – Fundatia ADEPT

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