ENPLC predecessor project LIFE L.I.F.E is coming to an end

Thank you for joining the ‘Land Is For Ever’ final conference! The 3-year European project, combined European-wide surveys, workshops, interviews, webinars and research, to put insights and ideas of individual landowners, managers and stakeholders into concrete policy, ultimately strengthening private land conservation in Europe. The initial outcomes and lessons learned of the project were used as input by The European Landowners’ Organization and The Nature Conservancy and, where relevant, also by local landowner organisations, to advise on the European Biodiversity and Forestry strategies, the Green Deal and the implementation of these plans in the EU Member States. We are thankful for all the input, expériences shared and the great interest of all who contributed during these three years. We continue the good work within the brand new ENPLC network!


The news items collected on this blog have been written by project partners of the LIFE ENPLC project.