Exchanging ideas on regional networks for private land conservation between Italy and Poland

With the publication of the Biodiversity Strategy 2030 “Bringing Nature Back into Our Lives,” the European Commission proposes to increase and expand the network of protected areas and develop an ambitious plan to restore natural environments. The goals of the Biodiversity Strategy includes protecting and connecting 30 percent of the European Union’s territory, within which 10 percent should be strictly protected. These goals can only be achieved with the support of private landowners (NGOs and individuals).

Representatives of WWF Italy and WWF Poland exchanging ideas on regional networks

Among the various activities of the LIFE ENPLC project, WWF Italy Foundation has developed a program of sharing knowledge and best practices within the WWF International network. In March a delegation from WWF Poland was hosted in Italy with the aim of fostering and improving conservation tools for private lands. During the meeting delegates were intorduced to WWF Italy’s network of protected areas and the areas it owns, incentives and funding useful for protected area management, ongoing activities and projects, and governance activities put in place. Marketing and partnerships with businesses were also discussed, illustrating the work done by WWF Italy to promote the greater sustainability of companies beyond their support for environmental protection and WWF Oases. After a day of training at the Rome headquarters, the delegates along with WWF Italy staff moved to the field at the Lake Burano and Orbetello Lagoon oases to see the on-site work done over the years. Meetings such as these are essential to understanding how we can face together the challanges to best conserve the natural capital within private areas. With these forms of collabroation we can also promote other social and productive activities on the sites. A Europe-wide exchange of knowledge and experience with the aim to work together towards an increasingly challenging goal.

Field trip to Lake Burano and Orbetello Lagoon


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