European Networks For Private Land Conservation

We are a network of landowners and conservationists protecting and restoring private land for nature and the climate in Europe.

Private Land Conservation Superhero!

Meet our Ambassadors in 2022
At ENPLC, we believe individual action can have a domino effect. Inspirational people try to preserve land for future generations. They work hard to withstand climate change’s challenges and bring back lost biodiversity. They deserve more recognition! In their conservation work, they are looking for solutions such as composting, crop rotation, permaculture, wildlife corridors, native species planting, protected area establishment and much more. We ask, what did they learn about private land conservation? What have they accomplished? What has still to be done?
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Are you also a passionate landowner, land manager, or otherwise responsible for private land conservation? Are you willing to share your story and inspire others? Are you interested in making your voice heard?