European Networks for Private Land Conservation

This project brings together European networks for private land conservation in the Conservation Landowners Coalition, a partnership of landowners and conservationists, working together to protect and restore private land for nature and the climate in Europe.


We are in the process of forming a lasting partnership to protect Europe's nature and fighting a shared enemy: climate change and biodiversity loss.
Conservationists and private landowners, if there is any difference between them, have common interests in paving the way for a significant contribution to the new EU Biodiversity Strategy 30x30. Let’s walk the road together and learn a lot from each other along the way
It’s so exciting to see our two networks finding common ground, inspire each other and open discussions in a trusted environment. Grateful to support the coordination of this joint coalition, and the many more opportunities for us all to come!
Private land conservation has such high potential in the EU. I am very grateful for the opportunity to further develop the partnership between landowners and conservation NGOs in this LIFE project.
With the objective of the EU Commission to protect more than 30% of the European land surface in order to halt the loss of the Biodiversity there is more than ever a need to involve private land conservation.
From farmers to land managers their work is monumental and our societies depend on them, as does biodiversity. Ensuring that private landowners have the right legislative tools to support their practices will allow them to enhance our environment and reach the targets that have been laid out in numerous recent policies.


Tax-deductibility of cross-boundary donations

Investigate the tax-deductibility (income tax, property tax, inheritance tax, property sales tax, capital gains tax etc.) of (cross-boundary) donations to charitable organisations.

Citizen Science for Private Land Conservation

The potential value of citizen science for private land conservation, in particular for the monitoring of privately protected areas and documenting their contribution to EU and global biodiversity policy objectives

Conceptual basis of conservation agreements

A series three webinars on the conceptual basis and formal particularities of the various types of conservation agreements (e.g. stewardship agreements, conservation leases, short-term and long-term management contracts) and their usefulness for PLC