Private Land Conservation Ambassador

Jean-Philippe Tamarelle

Jean-Philippe Tamarelle is a nature lover, he owns a forest estate of 95ha included a 11ha peat bog of European interest in terms of biodiversity, the Bois Ginette, in Seine-Maritime department in France.
Jean-Philippe likes to walk around his land and enjoys its beauty, he is also a hunter and manage his forest to have a good forest-hunting balance.
About the bog, Jean-Philippe Tamarelle is supported by the departmental federation of hunter of Seine-Maritime (FDC 76). Indeed, the FDC76 acts concretely in the field to restore the land and does some monitoring of fauna and flora to measures impact of the restoration and maintenance works.
The management of the bog is advised by a management committee composed of several partners as French Office of Biodiversity, the conservatory of natural areas of Normandie and the “Pôle d’équilibre territorial et rural du Pays de Bray”.
Restoration works were financed by the state (DREAL and DDTM76), the Normandie region, the water agency of Seine-Maritime and the landowner, Jean-Philippe Tamarelle.
If you want to know more about Jean-Philippe Tamarelle and its territory, watch the interview below.


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