Montis hosted a BioBlitz on Lichens, Mosses and Mushrooms

A weekend full of biodiversity, citizen science and knowledge sharing. This is how we can describe the Bioblitzs project partner Montis organised on the 12th and 13th of November 2022 joined by 30 participants.
On the 12th, we started the activity by analyzing a branch of dead wood that was on the ground in the vicinity of Bioparque do Pisão. Immediately, it was possible to witness the great diversity of species of lichens and mosses that can be observed in the area. On that small branch, with the help of specialists Helena Hespanhol, Joana Marques and Cristiana Vieira, we were able to distinguish 7 species of lichens and 2 species of mosses.
In about 3 hours of activity, more than two dozen species of lichens and mosses were identified, including the epiphytic lichens Nephroma laevigatum, Sticta limbata and Lobarina scrobiculata, vulnerable species because they are dependent on the existence of ancient and well-preserved oak woods, and mosses of the genus Sphagnum, with high ecological importance and community protection (Annex V of the Habitats Directive) due to the fact that they are “builders” of bogs, one of the most threatened habitats in Europe.
On the 13th, we returned to the same place, with specialist Rui Cardoso, to learn about mushrooms. We quickly realized the great importance that these macrofungi have in our forests thanks to the various positions they can occupy in ecosystems as parasites, decomposers and mycorrhizal symbionts. Over about 3 hours, we were identifying and talking about the curiosities of each species that we found, and the question that was asked the most was “Is it edible?”
We were able to identify dozens of species, several of which were edible, which we collected in wicker baskets to help disperse the spores of the collected mushrooms. At the end of the activity, specialist Rui Cardoso also shared his culinary skills, cooking some edible mushrooms, to the delight of all participants.

The records of the observed species were added to the MONTIS project on the INaturalist platform.

These Bioblitzes are part of MONTIS’ participation in the LIFE ENPLC project, which aims to promote nature conservation on private land, and in which MONTIS is particularly involved in the theme of volunteering and citizen science.


The news items collected on this blog have been written by project partners of the LIFE ENPLC project.