Meet the ENPLC partners

Experts of landowners’ organisations and local NGOs in private land conservation stand ready to connect!

Catalan project partner XCN sharing the findings of their research on conservation tools across Europe 

Our partners

The ENPLC partners on a European level are Eurosite – the European land conservation network and the European landowners’ organization (ELO). Together they form the ‘conservation landowners coalition’. The ENPLC ambassadors are also a very important part of our partnership network. Further we’d like to highlight all our dedicated local partner NGOs spread throughout Europe in the following map. 

Privaatbeheer – Natuurpunt, Natuurpunt Beheer (vzw) is private non-commerical and the largest Belgian nature conservation 

European Landowners’ Organization (ELO) is a private non-commercial NGO and represents the interests of the landowners, land and forest managers 
and rural entrepreneurs at the European political level in Belgium.

Privaatbeheer – Aanspreekpunt Privaat Beheer – Natuur en Bos  (APB) is a private non-commercial Belgian umbrella 
organization of the Flemish Forest Groups and the Flemish Landowners Organisation.

Eurosite – the European Land Conservation Network  is a private non-commercial NGO network organisation based in the Netherlands. An important pillar of their work is to connect nature conservation organisations for site management. 

Grondbezit (FPG) – Federatie Particulier Grondbezit. FPG is a private, non-commercial Federation for Private Land Ownership based in the Netherlands and advocates to 
promote economically sustainable and socially responsible private land ownership – representing common interests of landowners at different policy levels.

WWF Oasi is a private commercial limited liability company owned by WWF Italy, managing the protected areas owned by WWF Italy.

Estonian Private Forest Union – Eesti Erametsaliit (EEML) is a private non-commercial and a non-profit association of Estonian private forest owners. 

Latvian Forest Owners (LMIB) is a private non-commercial NGO of forest owners promoting sustainable forest management.

Latvian Fund for Nature (LFN) is a private non-commercial and Latvias largest
conservation NGO.

CSOP – Czech Union for nature conservation is a private non-commercial civic association of people who share an active interest in nature conservation and the environment. 

Fondacion Francois Sommer (FFS) is a French private non-commercial and non- profit organisation and recognized public-interest organization. FFS is a network, linking together a wide variety of stakeholders and institutions in the field of nature conservation. 

XCN – Xarxa per a la Conservació de la Natura is a private non-commercial, umbrella organisation with 160 members ( foundations, associations, town councils, public partnerships protected areas, research centers, etc.) based in Spain.

Fundacion Artemisan (FA) is a private non-commercial and private non-profit organization aiming to conserve wildlife for the benefit of biodiversity and the countryside, with a special interest on game species (hunters association, landowners) in Spain.

Montis, Associação de Conservação da Natureza. is a private and non-commercial Portuguese Natural Conservation Association based in Vouzela. Montis’ main focus is to manage land for the conservation of its natural values and biodiversity.

Rewilding Portugal (RP) Associação Rewilding Iberia. RP is a private non-commercial portuguese  organisation   
promoting nature conservation through rewilding measures in Western Iberia.