Regional network for private land conservation in Catalonia established

Project partner XCN is supporting the establishment of a regional network for private land conservation in Catalonia. On friday, 25th November, the founding ceremony of the new Association of landowners for the Conservation of Nature took place at the Town Hall of Albanyà, with the support of the XCN.
The new entity is born with the mission to promote models of private property management in harmony with nature through a rural, social and regenerative economy and stakeholder involvement.
What actions will it promote?
The association aims to connect landowners to share knowledge, promote joint projects in conservation of the environment and biodiversity, carry out awareness campaigns for other landowners, influence decision-making bodies and promote ecosystem services.
How did it come about?

The seed of this movement can be traced back to the results of the report produced in 2021 by the XCN, titled “Study of motivations of private property to conserve nature: “And you, why do you conserve nature?”, in which 179 private landowners and managers participated.

This report showed that the majority of landowners not only show great interest in learning about the biodiversity of their area, but also feel a moral obligation to conserve nature and perceive this conservation as a valid strategy to ensure the sustainability of their farm.

Due to factors such as the lack of funding, the bureaucratic burden and the need to share and transfer knowledge between owners and managers of the farms, the need to facilitate an associative space for dialogue and work between these people became evident.

It should be noted that at European and global level there is a firm commitment to the role that private property can play in the conservation of nature and especially in the challenge to achieve the 30 x 30 objective of protecting 30% of the territory by 2030. Thus, as part of the LIFE ENPLC project Eurosite and European Landowners’ Organisation (ELO) are in the process to establish a European network. At the global level, the International Land Conservation Network (ILCN) is taking on that role. Elsewhere in Europe, regional private conservation networks are also starting to take shape, for example in Italy, Poland and Portugal.

Catalan nature, a view from outside the first associations meeting
How to become a member of the association?
In the coming months, the association will start the roadmap to achieve its mission. The association encourages people and organisations that agree with this initiative, and are owners or managers of a farm in Catalonia (Spain), to become members (in the case of managers, they will have to present written authorisation from the owner of the farm in order to join the association). If interessted and if you want to receive more information, please send an email to

The first regional network meeting in Catalonia


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