Tell your tree’s story

2022 winner European ‘Tree of the Year’, Guardian of the Białowieża Primeval Forest, Poland (quercus robur). Photo credit: Tomasz Kamiński

We all know a tree in our familiar environment that sticks out. It has an impressive look or plays a role in a story or even legend. Such trees not only help to ensure the richness of species in nature but also have an essential value in preserving our cultural heritage. Their landowners valued many of these trees for decades, even centuries, protecting them until today.

Every old tree once was a young shoot

New trees spread their young branches to become the impressive living monuments of the future. Landowners still recognise these today’s young trees’ potential and protect them for future generations because every old tree once was a young shoot.

To reward these efforts, Estonian project partner Eesti Erametsaliit, contributed by setting up a voluntary initiative for landowners to spot and preserve native trees of high potential in forests, fields, parks, and streets, homes, gardens, and elsewhere. Get inspired by this exciting initiative: here  

Detail of a 600 years old olive tree, Portugal. Photo credit: Hans von Sonntag

Besides Eesti Erametsaliit’s initiative, there’s a European contest

Besides Eesti Erametsaliit’s initiative in Estonia, the European ‘Tree of the Year‘ competition highlights the significance of old trees in the natural and cultural heritage deserving our care and protection. You can have a look at the 2022 winners here.

Established in 1992, Eesti Erametsaliitis is a non-profit association of Estonian private forest owners. The organisation is a membership organisation aiming to organise private forest owners and make their voices heard in Estonian forestry policy by valuing democracy and sustainable development principles. Erametsaliit also represents its members’ interests in nature conservation matters, including the Natura 2000 network. Private forest owners trust Erametsaliit as a responsible partner to the state and other stakeholders. Eesti Erametsaliitis supports initiatives that help private owners protect, restore and manage their forests to improve habitats. Eesti Erametsaliit is involved with the Wildlife Estate Label by promoting it in Estonia.


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