The first ENPLC year: our European policy impacts

What is ENPLC European policy impacts in 2021? Our successful cooperation on the European and policy level was demonstrated in a shared statement on OECMs to the European Commission. 

The CLC has also worked together with the European Commission in 2021 to set up a NADEG meeting on the topic of private land conservation in January 2022.  NADEG is the most important working-level platform for dialogue between the European Commission, EU member states, and interest groups on EU nature conservation issues. This high-level meeting was a great achievement and will lead to a stronger engagement of Member States in our work. 

The ENPLC team’s motivation to make a change is highly persistent. To grab the full vision, have a look at our general overview of the year

ENPLC member ADEPT: financing nature through biodiversity and carbon credits

LIFE ENPLC Project Partner Fundatia ADEPT, in partnership with Biodiversity Credit Company, is developing an innovative combined biodiversity and carbon credit scheme in Transylvania, one of only two such projects worldwide. Through these credits, the commercial market will support the long-term maintenance of grassland biodiversity at the landscape scale and

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Jordi Pietx

Jordi Pietx is a biologist with an MSc in ecology and environmental sciences. He specialises in nature and landscape conservation and stewardship. He has also

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