The first ENPLC year: sharing knowledge is key!

A better understanding of the sector and private land conservation tools seems crucial. Together, the CLC, fine-tuned definitions on the topic. It’s accessible on our ENPLC website and is meant to evolve during the entire project.
We are organising events addressing specific thematic our community is dealing with.

A first and very successful webinar happened in November 2021 on the topic “working with volunteers on private land – How to get started“.

Presentations focused on past experiences, opportunities, testimonials and lessons learnt. We started a fruitful conversation between landowners and NGO’s addressing the volunteering on private land topic. A second part of this seminar will take place in 2022 in the field.

The 2021 Global Congress of ILCN and Eurosite-ELCN was also a highlight of the year and part of the sharing knowledge process. The event brought together an international community of private and civic land conservation practitioners to advance their work and build capacity by sharing expertise in conservation finance, law and policy, organization and governance, land stewardship, large landscape conservation, and conservation technology. You can still watch the replay.


The news items collected on this blog have been written by project partners of the LIFE ENPLC project.