The first ENPLC year went promising 

The ENPLC team’s motivation to make a change is highly persistent. Looming climate breakdown and decreasing biodiversity constitute an existential threat to privately-owned land. These threats can only be mitigated sustainably in cooperation with the expertise and work of land conservation practitioners focusing on the most promising private land conservation tools (PLC tools). That way, the land’s value will be preserved for the next generations.
European Networks for Private Land Conservation (ENPLC) started in December 2020. Amid the Covid pandemic, we launched this four-year cooperation online and remotely. But the ENPLC team’s motivation to make a change is highly persistent. The ENPLC’s core task is to spin a strong network among landowners and conservationists. At ENPLC, we are 18 partners, spread across 11 European countries, with different backgrounds but we share the mutual objective of preserving nature and the land’s value.
A 2021 landmark success is the foundation of the Conservation Landowners Coalition (CLC), a partnership of landowners and conservationists working together to protect and restore private land. As one of our key activities, the LIFE ENPLC project continues previous efforts of LIFE ELCN and LIFE LIFE by studying promising tools for private land conservation.  A study on conservation easements was launched in 2021. The results are visible on our website. A webinar on the topic will be run in 2022.

ENPLC contributes to the objectives of the EU 2030 Biodiversity Strategy 


The news items collected on this blog have been written by project partners of the LIFE ENPLC project.