Volunteering exchange: Nature management and restoration of a protected Catalan wetland at Lake of Sils

Dates: 19-08-2023 till 02-09-2023  (it is mandatory to stay the whole period).

Place: Sils Lake, near Girona, Catalonia (Spain).

Accommodation and food included. You will have to pay a tax of around 150 EUR as a registration fee.

Participants: 18 till 29 years old.

How to register: If you wish to join this workcamp, you’ll have to write down an email to incoming@cocat.org

Depending on your country, you’ll have to register through a different link. For example, if you are from:

Belgium: link to register.

Netherlands: link to register.

If you are from a different country, please, write to incoming@cocat.org

Additional questions: ppuy@xcn.cat

Sils Lake is a protected natural area included in the Plan of Spaces of Natural Interest (PEIN) of Catalonia. It is part of the European Network of Natural Spaces Natura 2000, which is at the core of European biodiversity policies. In recent centuries, areas of natural flooding have receded and today they are scarce in Catalonia

The general objective of the workcamp is to show the environmental reality of a territory and how to intervene in it by: 

  • Contributing to the improvement and conservation of the Natural Area of Sils wetlands. 
  • Knowing the biodiversity and the characteristic habitats of these humid zones.
  • Knowing the land stewardship, the actors in the territory that participate and good practices. 
  • Transmitting values of cooperation and respect towards the environment and its inhabitants. 
  • Offering a space for exchange and discovery of the different realities of the participants, mainly in environmental issues and for the conservation and management of natural spaces. 
  • Encouraging responsible consumption in every way. On the one hand, as an important measure for our environment; on the other hand, in the use of new technologies and other aspects related to the care of oneself and the community. 
  • Promoting participants to become diffusers. 
  • Showing Catalan culture through vividness and networking.
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