Volunteering exchange: Nature management work camp in Pampilhosa da Serra, Portugal

Dates: 18/08/2023 till 27/08/2023

Place: Pampilhosa da Serra, Portugal (The location of the work camp is in a remote rural area, with almost no population. MONTIS will have a van and cars available to support the needed transportation)

Accommodation (tents) and food included – bring your own sleeping bag and mattress 

Participants: Everyone, but focus on youth

How to register:  https://montisacn.com/atividades/international-work-camp/ we only have 2 spots available.

Additional questions: montis.elcn@gmail.com

MONTIS is a nature conservation NGO that operates in Portugal, founded in 2014. The main goal of MONTIS is to manage abandoned marginal land, with low or no economic value, with an ecosystem restoration approach, to recover ecosystem functionality and support increasing biodiversity.

The work camp has the general objective of bringing together young people from different nationalities, cultures and contexts with the common objective of contributing to the increase of biodiversity, the restoration of degraded ecosystems and the increase of the landscape’s fire resilience. The conservation works will take place in an area managed by MONTIS in the interior of Portugal, in Pampilhosa da Serra. The area where the tasks will be carried out is an ecologically degraded and sensitive area. It is expected, the joint volunteering tasks, which include individual and collective tasks, fauna workshops and leisure activities, to stimulate cultural, linguistic learning and intercultural interaction among the community of participants.

As for nature outputs of the work camp, the following is expected: to improve the conditions for vegetation growth; improve habitats and soil quality; increase fire resilience and water infiltration into the ground; identify and record fauna and flora.

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