Volunteering exchange: Nature management work camp in Sint-Pietersberg, Belgium

Dates: 03/08/2023 till 13/08/2023

Place: Sint-Pietersberg, Kanne, België

Accommodation and food included for 92 EUR (or 8 EUR per day if you don’t stay the whole period) – bring your own sleeping bag and mattress 

Participants: 18 till 30 years old.

How to register: https://jnm.be/nl/activiteiten/sint-pietersberg-family-summer?fbclid=IwAR2sgw5rsBlgqD8jKmC3N2kdmX9VDpvn6bD25WxS541DDpDFh34i9CD76Ow

Additional questions: tom.cabuy@natuurpunt.be

Will you join our team in keeping the grasslands open at Sint-Pietersberg? Don’t worry if you have no experience, here you will learn to manage safely in nature. Put on your sturdy mountain boots, gloves, bike/work helmet… in short, your management gear because you will really learn to work in a team here! 
What will we be doing? Here is an overview: 
During the day there will be hard work with brush cutters, ridges, saws…. to get back as much grassland as possible. Because in it there are rare plants that we want to preserve and bring back! And a grassland simply needs maintenance.

For many years we have been allowed to stay in beautiful village Kanne, a village like no other along the Albert Canal surrounded by the Sint-Pietersberg. And we explore not only the hills but also the Kanne caves (accompanied by a guide, of course). 

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